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Plywood Underlayment: Multiply Flooring Underlayment (Birch)

Multiply 3/8" Plywood Flooring Underlayment

Flooring Underlayment Features
  • Sanded, Solid Surface Requires Less Preparation
  • Exterior Phenolic Glue
  • 7 Ply Construction Provides Firmer Support than 3 Ply Plywood
  • Printed Nailing Pattern
  • LIFETIME Warranty

Flooring Underlayment Specifications

Wood Species: Baltic Birch (also known as Arctic Birch).
Construction: Plugged and Sanded Face.
Solid Filled and Sanded Back.
Solid Core 7 ply.
Glue Line: Exterior Grade Phenolic Glue, Passes Boil Test.
Squareness: All Adjoining Sides will be Perpendicular within 1/32 inch.
Thickness: 3/8 inch (9mm)

Flooring Underlayment Description

Multiply 3/8" plywood flooring underlayment is specifically designed for use under ceramic tile floors when 3/8 inch plywood is an approved flooring underlayment. The 7 ply construction makes the panel stronger, harder and more deflection resistant than typical 3 ply 3/8 inch softwood plywood flooring underlayment panels. The exterior grade phenolic glue provides the extra water resistance required for use under ceramic tiles in non-immersion applications.

The heavy duty 3/8" flooring underlayment panel is also recommended for use when installing vinyl floors over existing cushioned vinyl floors. The extra thickness and stiffness of the 3/8" panel eliminates vertical movement at the seams due to compression of the old cushioned vinyl underneath.

When new vinyl floors are being installed after old ceramic, wood, or laminate floors have been removed, a height difference is created where the new vinyl meets cabinets or doorways. Use Multiply 3/8" plywood flooring underlayment in these areas instead of using double layers of thinner underlayment.

Multiply 3/8" plywood flooring underlayment is not recommended for exterior use, directly over concrete floors, in showers or similar high moisture areas, or on any wood subfloor that has a deflection rating of over L/360 of the span.

Multiply 3/8" plywood flooring underlayment meets the requirements of the Tile Council of America and other specifying organizations for use anywhere 3/8 inch plywood flooring underlayment is approved.

All Multiply flooring underlayment panels come with a LIFETIME warranty against staining and manufacturing defects such as core voids, delamination, and out-of-squareness.

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