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Plywood Underlayment: Multiply Underlayment (Birch)

Multiply 1/4" Plywood Flooring Underlayment

Flooring Underlayment Features
  • Sanded, Solid Surface Requires Less Preparation
  • Exterior Phenolic Glue
  • 5 Ply Construction Provides Firmer Support than 3 Ply Plywood
  • Printed Nailing Pattern
  • LIFETIME Warranty

Flooring Underlayment Specifications

Wood Species: Baltic Birch (also known as Arctic Birch).
Construction: Solid Plugged and Sanded Face.
Solid Filled and Sanded Back.
Solid Core 5 ply.
Glue Line: Exterior Grade Phenolic Glue, Passes Boil Test.
Squareness: All Adjoining Sides will be Perpendicular within 1/32 inch.
Thickness: 1/4 inch (6mm)

Flooring Underlayment Description

Multiply 1/4" flooring underlayment is designed for use under vinyl floors, vinyl composition tile, and for general uses where 1/4 inch plywood is an approved flooring underlayment. Its unique 5 ply birch construction gives Multiply flooring underlayment a significant advantage over more traditional 3 ply flooring underlayment in strength, hardness, and durability. Exterior grade phenolic glue provides added insurance against water damage from floor cleaning and occasional flooding caused by plumbing or appliance failures.

Birch is a hard, relatively knot-free wood grown in Northern European forests that is well suited for use as a flooring underlayment. It has 100 percent more indentation resistance than poplar and luaun plywoods and is therefore more resistant to crushing from high-heeled shoes, table and chair legs, and moving appliances. Additionally, the hardness and smoothness of each birch flooring underlayment panel requires less preparation time during installation than other types of plywood.

Multiply 1/4" flooring underlayment is available in 4x4, 4x5 and 4x8. Multiply flooring underlayment come with a Lifetime warranty against staining and manufacturing defects such as core voids, de-lamination, and out-of-squareness.

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