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Gauge of Nail

The gauge of a nail is a measurement of the diameter of the shank. The higher the gauge, the smaller the diameter of the shank. For example, a 13 gauge ring shank nail has a diameter of .0915 inch, while a 14.5 gauge ring shank nail has a diameter of only .0760 inch. In general, lower gauge nails (thicker nails) are stronger than thinner nails.

To give you an idea of how the gauge (thickness) of a nail affects its holding power, a 13 gauge and a 14.5 gauge ring shank nail were driven into a 2x4 plank and then pulled in a test machine. The results below show that the thicker nail increased the holding power by over 60%.

13 gauge 3/4 inch Ring Shank
14.5 Gauge 3/4 inch Ring Shank
53 lbs.
32 lbs.

Gauge and Diameter

The gauge is a measurement of width in terms of whole number instead of fractions of an inch. Below is a table of conversation from gauge to diameter in inches.

Gauge Diameter
1 gauge of nail .2830
2 gauge of nail .2625
3 gauge of nail .2437
4 gauge of nail .2253
5 gauge of nail .2070
6 gauge of nail .1920
7gauge of nail.1770
8gauge of nail.1620
9gauge of nail.1483
10gauge of nail.1350
11gauge of nail.1205
12gauge of nail.1055
13gauge of nail.0915
14gauge of nail.0800
15gauge of nail.0720

Visual representation may not be accurate.

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