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Carpet Tack Strips: Product Guide

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Aluminum Carpet Tack Strip

Aluminum carpet tack strip is an effective alternative when installing carpet in areas where water damage, termite damage, and other types of damage to plywood carpet tack strips are risks. It is also a practical solution for high traffic areas such as entryways and doorways where tall pins may extend through the face of the carpet. Shorter than J-pins, 1/8 inch pins of aluminum carpet tack strip are angled to grip. Aluminum carpet tack strip can be installed with any carpet, but is particularly useful with low-pile carpet. Carpet tack strips are one inch wide, over 240 pins per 4 foot length. May be installed with a bead of adhesive along the back when nailing is not feasible. Will not rust or rot. Made from 100% high strength aluminum.

Aluminum Carpet Strip

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