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Carpet TackStrip: Product Guide

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TackStrip Pin Height

All types of Halex carpet tackstrip are available in several different pin heights in order to accommodate even the most exacting carpet installation requirements. Choose the correct tackstrip pin height according to the thickness of the pile and backing of the carpet being installed. Tackstrip pins should penetrate completely through the backing but should not penetrate more than 50% of the pile. Stock carpet tackstrip is shipped with E pin length (approx. 7/32 inch) unless specified otherwise. Minimum order requirements may apply.

C Pin
1/4 inch tackstrip pin height - use for carpets with rough or thick backings where extra penetration is required.
Pin Height

E Pin
7/32 inch tackstrip pin height - use for most carpet installations. ( Halex carpet tackstrip is supplied in E pin height unless requested otherwise.)
Pin Height

D Pin
3/16 inch tackstrip pin height - use for carpets with short, dense pile to avoid pins showing through the carpet face.
Pin Height

J Pin
5/32 inch tackstrip pin height - use with very thin carpet, fine velours and velvets with thin backings.
Pin Height

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